On Saturday, January 7, 2023, LONAKO would like to thank all family members for their hard work over the past year, enrich employee's amateur life, increase team cohesion, LONAKO organized all employees to go to the theater to watch "Avatar", everyone lined up to receive cola and popcorn together The employees also brought their family members to watch the movie together. Everyone was cheerful. During the movie watching process, everyone saw the lifejacket light made by LONAKO on the life jacket worn by the protagonist. They all felt very excited and proud.


At the end of the movie, everyone went to the hotel to participate in the feast. The company rewarded an annual outstanding employees, the star sports star, excellent performance award, competition award, etc. The face is full of happy smiles


There is another theme of this party, which is to organize a wedding for a couple of the company. Singing on the spot, applause and cheers are constantly. Let's bless this couple and witness their love and sweetness together. Hope they are good for a century and happy.

 Thank you for your support in 2022, and looking forward to 2023. Wish LONAKO’s great exhibition in the Year of the Rabbit!