In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Lonako, thank all employees for their hard work and promote the company's corporate culture. The company held two days of group building on October 28-29, 2022.


 In the morning of October 28, the team gathered in the morning and opened a two -day group building activity. On the first morning, the instructor divided everyone into 6 groups. The groups of this event would make bonus competitions and select the best group. In the morning, everyone conducted military training. Everyone came to the training ground from daily work. Starting from the most basic exercises, many actions seemed simple, but they must be neat and consistent.


The competition will be played in the afternoon. Each team shows a good spiritual appearance, actively the team spirit, and through the short -term training as possible to achieve the largest consistency as possible. The first stage of competition is over.


After the competition is over, the next itinerary is CS field battle. This is also a very testing team cooperation. Many people have experienced it for the first time, and everyone is eager to try. The team is divided into offense and defense, and you can win within 15 minutes to win. In the fierce competition, everyone is happy.


The event at night is a bonfire party and a barbecue feast. After a day of hard training competition, everyone is still a hundred times more spiritual. Each team prepares the show to compete, K song competition. Everyone sang and danced together around the bonfire, passed the torch, and lively. Everyone's face is filled with a happy smile.


At 7:30 on October 29th, the Lonako team started the team again and started a hiking journey for more than 20 kilometers. Competition, encourage each other and support each other. The power of a person is limited, but the power of a group of people is infinite.


After the hiking is over, the two -day trip has been over half. In the afternoon, the final team game combats. From the continuous upgraded game rules to the cooperation of the Great Wall team, each group is discussing fiercely, brainstorming, and competing for the fastest speed to compete for the fastest speed. The final score.


Everyone gathered together in the evening to share the 20th anniversary dinner. In this group building, everyone is more familiar with each other and cooperates with each other. Lonako will continue to take the original starting point for 20 years, and continue to work hard. Adhering to

our mission of "Escorting the safety of life at sea", as always, it provides customers with high -quality products and services, actively promote the technological progress of the life security industry. We dedicate ourselves to achieve an international leading brand of lifesaving security products!